Bethany in Portland Part 3: Class with Linda Robertson

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Embracing Encaustic: Wax Transfers with Linda Robertson

In my final post about my trip to Portland we are back in Linda’s studio. I was lucky to have taken classes from Linda before, both in person and online, and she is a pleasure to learn from. If it is in person, everything you need is there in her studio and if it is online she is just an email away for questions.

Linda Robertson teaching encaustic

Linda describes the class, “Transferring images and drawings onto wax gives a crisp magical look or a beautifully rustic effect depending on a few simple choices. I'll also show you how to transfer drawings and tracings directly onto your wax with some of my favorite materials including graphite, pastels and colored transfer papers”

And transfer we did! Here are my beauties from the day. I had so much fun and we had a lot of laughs!!

BEthany Handfield & Linda Robertson Encaustic

One of the many things that impressed upon me during my stay with Linda was her deep commitment to the medium of encaustic and the importance of proper instruction.  Her students learn appropriate techniques and safe studio practice, work towards finding their own true voice, all while working from a solid foundation.

If there is any advice I could give to those who are seeking instruction in working with encaustic:

  • Research the people that you take classes with to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money
  • Make sure that they really know what they are teaching:
    • They have put in years of studio practice & show their work
    • They know the materials and how to safely use them
    • They are continually upgrading their skill sets
  • They are respected in the arts community

With this medium still being considered so “new there are a lot of folks that teach after only having taken a class or two themselves and that is not fair, or safe, to the students they are teaching.

If you can take a class with an instructor like Linda Robertson - that is the cream of the crop!

Thank you to Linda, Jack and all of my fellow classmates for such a super day working with encaustic and transfers.

Linda RObertson & her students

Happy Painting!



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