Exploring Encaustic Classes for August & September

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Learn to paint with beeswax in the beautiful South Okanagan. Encaustic is method of painting where pigmented beeswax is applied to a substrate using a heat source. Through the Exploring Encaustic series of art classes Bethany guides students on their creative journey with a focus on safety and fun. Having worked with encaustic for 10+ years students can be confident in her instruction and will gain a solid foundation in this medium. 


August 26 & 27: Exploring Encaustic - Intro to the Hotplate

Learn to paint with encaustic using a hotplate as your palette. In this two day workshop you will learn the basics of getting started with encaustic when painting on wood panel. 

Class Fee: $200 (includes $50 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day with 45 min for lunch


September 9*: Exploring Encaustic  - Stencils & Texture

Learn to use stencils and other materials to create texture and visual interest to your encaustic paintings. 

Class Fee: $100 (includes $25 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm  with 45 min for lunch


September 10*: Exploring Encaustic - I Love Metallics

Learn to work with a variety of media to bring sparkle and shine to your encaustic paintings. 

Class Fee: $100 (includes $25 supply fee + GST)

Class times: 10:30 am to 3:30 pm  with 45 min for lunch

* Requires basic encaustic painting experience. Contact Bethany if you have any questions.

Class fees include all materials and equipment used in class. Max 8 students per class. 

Bursaries available for students living in the South Okanagan. 

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